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Moses Davis deed

Fort Edgecomb got its start on June 13, 1808, when Moses Davis formally deeded over a parcel of land on Davis Island for $300.00 to the United States government for the purpose of building a military installation to protect, defend and oversee shipping traffic on the Sheepscot River out of the Port of Wiscasset.
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The graphic design of the blockhouse used for the FOFE logo was developed by Carol Leone of EZasABC, who has graciously permitted its use on this site.

The EHS logo is from the Ivan Flye Collection of photographs [see above].

FOFE page: Pictures of the Bicentennial event. The image of the flag through the blockhouse window is by Anita Morrissey, an artist who summers in Newcastle. Pictures of raising the tent and of the art in the tent are by Bruce Cameron. All others are by Kevin Klemme of Northford CT.

FOFE page: Pictures of the 'Paint the Fort' event were taken by Joanna Cameron.